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Daily Dump: Tara Reid Goes From Mess To Hot, Stacy Lewis On Verge, Cape Cod Streakers And Kerry Wood’s Finger


Tara finally becomes hot – again

Good morning, ladies. Just like it’s male counterpart, the women’s U.S. Open will be a must watch today. (See Below).

Meanwhile, we’ll continue our vacation in the mountains and avoid TV. The Internet will likely be out of the picture too.

Today’s Dump:

Stacy Lewis on verge of the improbable at U.S. Open [Sports Agent Blog]

ESPN graphics operator not perfect [Slanch Report]

Lewis and father enjoying magical run [GolfWeek]

Streakers invade Cape Cod League game [Sox & Dawgs]

Kerry Wood gives the old one finger salute [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

A new belly flop world record has been set [SbB]

Nikolina Pisek will keep you up at night [Holy Taco]

Life lessons at the strip club [Coed]

We’re guessing this chick isn’t a virgin [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Shocker! Tara Reid no longer a complete mess [Bitten & Bound]

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