Top 6 Signs June A Bad Month For Michelle Wie

We feel sorry for Michelle Wie. Seriously.

She has that freak of a father, was raised to be the female Tiger and her ex-boyfriend now doesn’t need her millions. He now has his own money.

Add in the Wie debacle at this week’s US Open and you have a young lady damn near facing a crossroads in her life. Her golf game has been horrible and competing against men seems like an eternity ago.

Top 6 Signs Michelle Wie Has Had A Bad Month:

• Lopez brothers joke about relationship with you.

• Your hometown newspaper runs column dissecting a 9 on par-4.

• You are being compared to Arnold Palmer’s disaster 12 on a par-5 at 1961 L.A. Open.

• And you miss the cut at US Open after said disaster.

• Media outlet calls Wie ‘albatross around neck of LPGA.’ Zing!

• At 18 you are talking ‘reconstruction.’

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