Just Your Typical Cubs-White Sox Fan Fight

Holy shit!
Looks like we’ve got ourselves an old fashioned ass kicking at yesterday’s Cubs-White Sox game.
A full report from the videographer:

The Sox fan near the pole was talking trash from the beginning, so in the 4th inning he started talking about the guy in the Thome Jersey’s “family”…then an old guy stepped up and off they went…
A good minute goes by with no security, the guy gets owned by a bunch of cubs and sox fans.
he still fights the security…continues struggling, as his eye is black and swelling shut, they handcuff him throw his shirt over his head and get him out of there.

Both groups of fans were kicking his ass. Now that is unique. Never in our recent memory can we think of another incident where these fans worked together to solve issues. Good work, Chicago.

A Baseball Bat, Beer Can And A Mouth
A Baseball Bat, Beer Can And A Mouth
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