Memphis Grizzlies Fan Real NBA Draft Winner, Adriana Lima Coming To Town



Let’s cut the bullshit here people. There is only one true winner from last night’s NBA Draft and that would be the fans who have suffered through years of Memphis Grizzlies‘ basketball.

True, there was a huge trade that moved half the basketball world to new teams. But the bigger news here for Memphis fan is that when you trade for Marko Jaric he comes with the total package – future wife Adriana Lima.

Sorry Minny fan. It doesn’t appear you’ll ever get to do a meet and greet with the Vicki’s Secret model. Lima instantly becomes the hottest (future) wife in all of Tennessee.

The AP reports,

Hours after the draft concluded, the Wolves sent Mayo, forward Antoine Walker and guards Greg Buckner and Marko Jaric to Memphis for Love, shooter Mike Miller and frontcourt retreads Brian Cardinal and Jason Collins.

Timberwolves vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale said he thought the deal was dead early in the night, but the Grizzlies reopened negotiations as the first round came to a close, and Memphis finally relented and included Miller in the transaction.

 Sidenote: The word retread made it into an AP report.

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