5 Questions: Will Leitch Avoids ‘Which ESPN Personality Is Gay’ Question


Smarty pants fades away today but not until answering some questions

(Ed. note) This email interview took place on Wednesday, before the roast of Will Leitch. Take that into consideration when you see how Will ranks the biggest dopes in sports media.

In true honor of Will and his last day at Deadspin, BC presents “5 Questions With Will Leitch.”

After the jump (Deadspin-style).

1. What is (was) your dream blog post scenario other than finding photos of Rick Ankiel shooting roids while wearing a hot pair of Jockeys.

Naw, that’s pretty much it.

Actually, I had my dream post scenario. It actually happened. http://deadspin.com/sports/baseball/we-have-sought-bliss-and-we-have-found-it-210963.php

After that, not even the Jockeys would make a difference.

2. There are openly gay former athletes who came out after leaving the sport. Why haven’t we heard of a gay on-air talent at ESPN? Any guesses of who’s a little light in the drawers (Go ahead, bite on this one)?

Ha. You’ve got a one track mind with these questions. I have no doubt that Barry Melrose took the Lightning job to distract attention from his long-time obsession with John Buccigross.

3. Name 5 famous ladies you always dreamt were secretly watching you blog at your residence. Any reasoning?
Eleanor Roosevelt.
Elsie Worthington Clews Parsons.
Margaret Sanger.
Betty Friedan.
Leonora O’Reily

4. Rank these dopes from dopiest to mega-doper: Berman, Bissinger, Dude from Can’t Stop The Bleeding, Steven A. Smith and Simmons.

For the record, I don’t think all of these people are dopey. But if you must make me rank (assuming mega-doper is, in fact, worse than dopiest), I’d do:

Steven A. Smith

5. We bought your book for $1 during a sale. Any chance of getting our money back and the 5 hours it took to skim through it?

As flattering as that is, I’m afraid not. All exchanges and returns must be cleared through David Hirshey. Bug him about those. He loves it.