Daily Dump: Sharapova Shorts Disappoint, Riccardi Gets Pranked, Euro2008 Leak And Tiger’s eBay Apple



Every crew has an ugly chick who ruins a perfect picture

Um, so we were wrong on the College World Series. At least it gives us one more day to find a hot Fresno cougar to profile.

Is it us or has baseball become extremely boring without steroids and Roger Clemens bangs country music star rumors? We need some sort of controversy besides Adam Dunn and Riccardi. That just doesn’t have the Page Six material BC craves.

Just a heads up. Get those links in early. BC will be on vacation starting tomorrow night and there will be a new crew here to handle the duties. 7 a.m. if you want in the Dump.

Today’s Dump:

The Tiger Woods apple core now up to $36,000 [eBay]

Sharapova Wimbledon pants were a horrible idea [Bright Black Internet]

JP Riccardi pranked by 519 area code – that would be Ontario [Meaningful Collateral]

Taking a leak at Euro 2008 a unique experience [Don Chavez]

This list shows football bloggers are ready for season to start [NFL Juice]

A sport worth gambling on: Miss Universe [Cuzoogle]

A rocking acoustic ditty about Shaq and Kobe [Ryan Parker Songs]

Kobe not amused by Shaq’s rap or Parker’s song [The Play in CA]

What $700 million pot operation looks like [Coed]

Today’s Tail:

Lindsey Lohan actually eats something [Drunken Stepfather]

Miss Laura has a huge, fake rack [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Of course you want to know Brianna Frost – naked [Phil Knows Best]

Boston to honor Miss Boston, 12 pack of Sam Adams [College OTR]

Bloggers piss off guy responsible for Tila Tequila madness [Holy Taco]

Kristin Bell’s ass takes the morning train [Derober]

Carmen shows Ace-Jack [Uncoached]

MySpace vs. Celebrity: Who you got? [Tasty Booze]

Introducing Florencia Torrente – a foreign chick you should know [CamelTap]

Chicks who know how to handle heat [MacGsWorld]

Jo Garcia does some Wii gyrating [Brahsome]

A great reason to watch CNN Headline News [Next Round]

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