G.B. Packers Basketball Team Impresses White Fans

Packers wide receiver James Jones flies in for a simple layup

It’s always impressive when white people, otherwise isolated from the black world, invite a team of professional athletes (mostly black) into their high school gym for a charity basketball game.

Take this early June basketball game in Madison, Wisconsin (obviously suburban), where the Green Bay Packers‘ Green Machine team invaded the gymnasium to dunk and show the locals what it’s like to hang from the rim.

RuVell Martin gives the white people what they came for

It’s like inviting the Harlem Globetrotters to town without the huge ticket prices.

Fans got to see the superstars dunk, the Packers spread cheer and little kids get some autographs of guys they won’t remember in 2 years. Everyone is happy and life goes back to normal. The white people lock their doors when entering “rough” neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, the black guys hope to get out of town without being harassed by the local police.

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