5 Questions: University Of Southern Indiana Coed Raps About Boobs, Angelina Jolie And Tom Brady


The University of Southern Indiana campus sure looks like Gary, Ind.

Well, well, well.

Look what Uncle Busted Coverage pulled out of his hat.

A “5 Questions” with a coed from the University of Southern Indiana who would love to go boating with Tom Brady and Angelina Jolie. She’d also like to have Gene Simmons show her some new tongue techniques.

Thanks to the great people at Party Cove USA who made this happen. This Q&A made our summer and it’s only a few days old.

If we are going to be in bed with corporate America, it’ll be a business specializing in river/lake parties and chicks. See Party Cove USA.

Now, let’s be honest with you for a moment. We’re Midwesterners and never knew such a school existed. A check by BC Indian interns revealed this place is operational, and Kim is here to show what you can expect from party chicks in southern Indiana.

Meet this looker after the jump.

Name: Kim (last name held to protect against pervs)

Age: 22
Location: Evansville IN
Occupation: Student at University of Southern Indiana


1. What was the best lake party you’ve ever been to? What made it special?

I do a lot of partying on the Ohio River; you would be amazed at some of the craziness that happens on the river. That might sound a little redneck, but don’t worry I hate country music…. River parties are more social than the huge lake parties.

No police boats and smaller crowds.Last 4th of July we went to our favorite sand bar with some friends and started drinking about 10am. By early afternoon I was drunk as hell, we did not bring food or water, only beer. I passed out on the big boat, missed the fireworks and everything. Who knows what pictures showed up on the Internet after I passed out…. Thank God my top was still on. All my girlfriends did was just check on me every hour to make sure I was still alive.

Does passing out drunk on a stranger’s boat make it a special?


2. How much horsepower must a man have under the hood to get your interest? Why?

I know where you are going with this one…. My brother is a car & boat guy and he always says “it’s not horsepower you need; its torque”…. I don’t even know what that means. I think the bigger the boat the better, the louder the better.

I love the sound of twin engine boats starting up. You can feel he vibration in the seats at idle, I love that! I like the way it makes me feel to be on a fast boat, everyone looks at you, I am an attention whore. So to answer your question, bigger & faster is better, always!!!


3. 5 guys you’d like to boat/ party on a lake with? And why these dorks?

Ok, if I could party with any 5 guys it would be Jack Black, Bill Gates, Tom Brady, Gene Simmons and Angelina Jolie.

I know Angelia is not a guy, and I am not a lesbian but she is so sexy, every girl has thought about sex with her. Jack Black would be fun as hell, Tom Brady would be worth the lawsuit and I know Gene Simmons could teach me some new tricks for my boyfriend….But with protection for obvious reasons. Why Bill Gates, just to get him drunk and say ‘What the Fuck”, why is everything you make do so hard to use?

4. Playboy comes calling for a photo shoot of chicks who party on lakes. Are your getting naked? If not, why?

Oh hell yeah, any girl who says they wouldn’t is lying. Every girl who goes to party cove or the river shows their boobs, so showing them and getting paid for it in Playboy is a no brainer.

As for the kitty that is different, boobs are boobs, who cares but the kitty is something that has to be kept a secret. However, when I am drunk I have shown it off a few times, but will not do it for the world to see. I love Playboy, and watch the “Girls Next Door” every week, so definitely yes.


5. Thong or typical bikini? Why?

I say bikini. All the girls who wear thongs look like trash. You can get a nice small bikini, like a Rio cut back that is revealing, but not too much. I have the ass for one, but I think they are out of style, this is not 1990 anymore.

BC Conclusion: It’s features like 5 Questions that keep us waking up in the morning. We love American youth and all their quirky thoughts on life.

If you know a good subject who talks about lesbian sex, boat motors and showing the kitty in Playboy, we need to talk.


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