Implant Madness: Hooters Parking Lot Drunkeness


That would be a Hooters parking lot. Two drunk chicks. And a shot cup.

You spend $5k on new boobs. True, they look good to your husband. He tells you how beautiful those puppies are. But you want more. There is a burning desire to show off the mammaries to mullet-sporting, hard drinking Harley types.What are your options?

Pick a weekend, pick a Hooters or Harley dealership and enter a bikini contest. We’ll be here throughout the summer to chronicle the adventures with our Monday feature, “Implant Madness: The Weekend Bikini Recap.”

It seems we’ve had a sudden, solid outbreak of Implant Madness. We start our day with a Hooters parking lot that had chicks laying in the nasty parking lot, shooting water guns and generally just looking trashy.

But here at BC that is just the type of action we live for.

Our next stop is Galveston for a bikini contest where locals came to show off their implants. This is just another day in this Gulf of Mexico town.

But, we have two shots for your entertainment.

Our final stop is the Corona Reef Bikini Contest where all we see are asses so that will have to do. It’s actually sorta refreshing to not have to stare at boobs. Kinda mix it up a little around here.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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