Jenn Sterger Wears Lingerie In New Photo Shoot


Just when you’ve seen the last of Jenn Sterger and her fake boobs they return like Roger Clemens making a mid-season decision to return to the mound.

Everyone’s favorite FSU chick has this new video teaser for some pictures she says will appear on her MySpace page.

In other Sterger news, we reread this post twice and seem to think that she is/has moved to New York City. She mentions finding an apartment, being alone, starting over, yada, yada, yada.

I want a place with a view, a place filled with color, and character. I want a place that is drenched with light, so that even as the New York weather turns from hot and sultry, to downright frigid, I can still see the sun when I greet the day. But most importantly, I want a place to call my own, because when you have worked for it all by yourself… it makes coming home after a long day that much sweeter.

Another cool read from the Sterger Files includes her recent night of drinking with an ex and going home with him only to have a surprise in the morning.  It felt like reading a Penthouse Forum letter.

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