Bill "Spaceman" Lee To Start Midnight Game

The guy is 62 and it’s been 40 years since he pitched in the annual Midnight Game that will take place tonight in Fairbanks, Alaska.

But, as the Fairbanks News-Miner reports, Bill “Spaceman” Lee expects to toe the rubber as the starting pitcher in tonight’s game.

“The third basemen better be wearing Kevlar,” he said, referring to the fact that right-handed hitters might not have trouble getting around on his fastball these days. “My one rule is they can’t bunt on me. Well, they can bunt if they want, but the next guy up I’m going to hit.”

Bill Lee, left, pictured yesterday as he arrived in town for Midnight Game 

Crazy man has fond memories of his early years of spending time in Fairbanks. He met his first wife there.

“She was a stewardess for Wien Air Alaska and when I got off the plane she put a snowball lei around my neck and a year and a half later we were married,” Lee said.

The guy goes on to tell tales of paying MLB dope fines to Alaskan villagers, his days of stocking beer shelves and why center fielders disappear in Alaska.

It appears the Goldpanners will have a live webcast of the game, but don’t hold us to that fact. The team’s site is a little shaky.

Exactly midnight during 2007 game Photo Credit

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