Daily Dump: 10 Ugly Soccer Mugs, Homo-Erotic Sports Journalism, Pool Gatecrashers And Dorks With Pornstars



There is hope out there for woman to be 44 and have a semi-tight ass

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Today’s Dump:

Celtics fan who got pummeled at Staples living the life [Don Chavez]

Blogger chats with Olympic swimmer, fails to ask Playboy question [Rizzo Sports]

Norm! says Walker mess likely trouble if WR doesn’t talk [LVRJ]

Homo-erotic sports journalism award goes to The Dispatch [Angry T]

10 of the ugliest mugs in professional soccer [Rumors And Rants]

10 anti-Cubs, anti-White Sox shirts for the anti-fan [Top Ten Chicago Sports]

7 women who look good and will kick your ass [Machochip]

Screw those lists, it’s Friday; this is more like it [Bright Black Internet]

Does anyone even care if this woman had died from thong mishap? [Coed]

Steve Gutenberg doesn’t like cameras in his face [Brahsome]

Guy opens porn shop after ATV business denied [Tasty Booze]

Today’s Tail:

We’ll let any of these woman gatecrash our pool [Gibbs12]

Sex tales straight from college chicks [College OTR]

We nearly forgot Gisele has new pictures out [The Bastardly]

Dorks with pornstars [Uncoached]

How Tera Patrick looks when she’s dressed all slutty [Drunken Stepfather]

Tera past & present [Daily Buzzer]

Tony Romo gave up this for Jessica [on205th]

Pam Anderson – the All-American mom with giant implants [CamelTap]

Nice boobs, but that face has to go [Flatusyahu]

Marla Maples airs it out [Holy Taco]

The perfect way to figure out which bra and panties look best [Madden Cowboy]

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