Now You Can Bet On Jeremy Shockey Sitting Out


Shockey nearly a sure bet to stay home and chase tail

Tired of the same old sports gambling? Want a real challenge? Are you a fan of NFL stars holding out for a better contract?

Then BetUs has a possible bet for you. And the early money is squarely on the shoulders of Jeremy Shockey at 1/1.

Now if it was our money we’d try to place a parlay on Plaxico Burress and Shockey. The magic formula to all of this seems to be, “Win Super Bowl, start bitching about how much money you make.”

From the Allentown Morning Call minicamp report:

Don’t get the wrong impression — everything wasn’t OK with the Super Bowl champions.

Disgruntled tight end Jeremy Shockey never made it out of the locker room to watch any of the mandatory three-day minicamp, and leading receiver Plaxico Burress refused to practice until he gets a new contract.

What’s great about this type of gambling is that you can make money of idiots who want more money.

How dare they want a fair contract? But you’ll be rolling in the dough off all the stupidity. Enjoy.

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