Charity Golf Incomplete Without Rams Cheerleader



“Enjoy 18-holes of golf, cart, keg beer at each hole, beef wieners at the turn, a steak dinner, prize drawings and a lonely St. Louis Rams cheerleader.”

“All for $75 per man.”

Look, we aren’t playing in some stupid charity golf tournament (cancer research=dumb) unless these cheerleaders start doing something more worthwhile than standing around looking hot.

Shouldn’t these women be holding the keg cord up to our mouths? It’s been 10+ years since Tiger Woods made it cool for white guys to golf again. Now things have gotten stale. NFL cheerleader dance routines on the 11th? Sounds good to us.

This chick seems really enthused to be earing a buck standing around in hooker boots. She’s not working for free, right? Not like .

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