Actual Photos From Fan-Less Iowa Cubs Game


Wasting time picking out hot chicks was impossible for the Nashville Sounds

By now, unless that Halo game has gone 5 days, you’ve heard of the terrible flooding in Iowa that has caused thousands of people to flee homes and businesses.

But not the Iowa Cubs, who played its Sunday home game in front of exactly 0 paid customers.

We’re not even sure if the team allowed fat, dumpy media members into the stadium as the city of “” was under an evacuation order. But some pesky flood won’t ruin a baseball game. It’s imperative the Pacific Coast League gets this one in the books.

If the PCL comes down to a flood out, shit is going to hit the fan. And with gas prices it’s asking too much for Portland to catch a one-day flight to Iowa.

BC researchers have scoured different sources covering this game and have yet to see pictures of the actual scene – until now. Just look at how much fun this must have been for the players. No chicks to whistle at. No kids pestering for autographs.

Marlins management finally found a reason to smile.

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