Under Armour National Nightmare Just Won't End

Looks like his paycheck is spent on tats and salads

BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich, being the consummate asshole on Wednesdays, sent the above photo(full set here) to our inbox this morning. It’s his little weekly joke where he sends out really gay photos to us straight guys.

But then we noticed a post possibility.

That bear is wearing Under Armour. And this shot was uploaded yesterday. Is Under Armour still a hot item, we wondered?

Probably not necessary but we wanted to show what UA does to your nuts

A short, but intensive investigation revealed this national tragedy is still unfolding across America. Men are still demanding that their gunboats rock out in a spandex shirt and their balls be compacted like a vise cranking down on your nuts.

And Kiplinger’s, the stock aficionado paper, says UA is a buy.

But if you’re the kind of investor who doesn’t mind wagering on long shots, now could be a good time to lay a bet on Under Armour’s share.

Yeah, you can bet that for at least the next couple of years some douchebag will head to his nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods so he can buy the Under Armour headband for his next pickup basketball game.

Now you’re f@cking with the big dog