Shawn Kemp Sign Spotted At Save Sonics Rally

Well, hello there ladies.

Seattle chicks who have been basketball fans since the skinny Shawn Kemp days are rarer in the Pacific Northwest than a coffee drinker without several thousand shares of Starbucks stock.

We discovered two things about Seattle after today’s yesterday’s rally to save the Sonics.

• Fans aren’t fond of owner Clay Bennett

• Residents of Seattle love a good fight. See WTO riots, circa 1999.

While we don’t have a dog in this battle, it’s still fun to see fans actually care about a team. If the Royals pulled out of K.C. you wouldn’t see very many pasty Midwestern folk taking to the streets.

If Seattle is to be proud of one thing today, it would have to be it’s sign making ability. Great work, people.