Daily Dump: Garnett Taking Championship Well, Golf Important Again, How To Get Laid And 14 Songs To Never Play



She parties with mom. Have a problem with that? 

Yes! Mike Breen is done.

Now we can get on with more important events like the ESPYs. Mid July if you want to start getting ready now. Just think, NFL training camps will be opening in about 4 weeks.

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Today’s Dump:

Garnett popped some crazy pills at post game [Brahsome]

“Get in the hole!” morons need to go, says blogger [Golf Experts Blog/Yahoo]

Retief Goosen trash talking Tiger; this usually doesn’t end well [Meaningful Collateral]

Even more perspective from the US Open [Rumors and Rants]

Roy Williams has found God, loves Him [The Merkin]

Minor league baseball has some strange promotions like this one [Angry T]

In case you are wasting your summer watching Bachelorette [NextRound]

How to get laid at a wedding – from a chick’s perspective [College OTR]

Drunk photos you don’t want to be in [Tasty Booze]

Redneck gang initiation [Gibbs12]

14 songs you should never play in a bar [Holy Taco] 

What your bumper sticker says about you [Coed]

Today’s Tail: 

Golden State dancers are flexible [Don Chavez]

Jenna went a little crazy on the lip implants [Banned in Hollywood]

Diora Baird can be our caddy and wipe off our balls [on205th]

Several galleries that will keep you busy [Uncoached]

Kate Hudson must have magical vagine, moves onto Live Strong [Drunken Stepfather]

This chick parties with her mom [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

The Wii Fitness craze continues [MacGsWorld]

Wow, now that is pretty bushy [Bright Black Internet]

Porn star Alexis Amore concocting drinks as guest bartender [Phil Knows Best]

Look at that collection of Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia [NFL Juice]