Daily Dump: CWS Hottest Wife, Song Girls Ranked 5th, WSOP Murder Suspect? And Marisa Miller On Cover



Why is there an inflatable ketchup bottle near this hot chick?

We told you Tiger would bury Rocco. Uh, that didn’t go exactly as planned.

In other news, in case you missed it, the final Baseball Hall of Fame game was not played yesterday due to storms. It’s a shame the people of Cooperstown didn’t get one final look at professional players on Doubleday Field. We’ve been to this game and there might not be a better setting for baseball.

We’ll miss the Home Run Derby where hitters would pelt houses with bombs and kids would run through the neighborhoods chasing balls landing in yards.

It’s pretty damn sad traditions such as this are fading away.

Today’s Dump:

Blasphemy! Song Girls ranked 5th hottest in Pac-10 by Trojan writer [Inside USC]

Top 10 reasons Erin Andrews isn’t working NBA Finals [Rumors and Rants]

Possible murder suspect taking part in World Series of Poker [The Meaningul Collateral]

Hottest wife of a College World Series participant [MacGsWorld]

Florida St. coaches refuse to shake hands at CWS [College Baseball Blog]

Firing the manager should make the Mets a better team [NY Daily News]

We almost forgot Kyle Boller existed, still gets chicks [NFL Juice]

Any ideas who this NBA baller is? [Don Chavez]

Smell like Angelina Jolie [Holy Taco]

Get your beer cold in 3 minutes [Tasty Booze]

Are you smarter than an airline pilot? [Bright Black Internet]

415 tats in 24 hours [Uncoached]

Today’s Tail:

If she was from Baldwin Wallace this chick would be a 10 [College OTR]

Adriana Lima excited to be engaged [on205th]

Marisa Miller on yet another cover [Coed]

Alex Curran showing off her red bikini [Drunken Stepfather]

Nikki Sanderson (who?) works a bikini [CamelTap]

Playboy chick gets fit with Wii [Machochip]

Becky Haines and her giant ketchup bottle [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

10 ways to get it on in your car (with sketches) [Spike]

One of our favorites: Google search terms via hot chicks [Cuzoogle]

What city is home to the hottest woman [The Angry T]

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