Daily Dump: Rocco Gets Shot At Tiger, Knowshon With White Chicks, MC Papi And Chicks Of Euro2008




Can you feel the excitement for another 18 holes to decide the US Open. Let’s just hope Rocco doesn’t embarrass himself. Tiger doesn’t lose playoffs. Just won’t happen. It’s almost anti-climatic other than the bum knee. He’s one wrong move away from Rocco winning via default.

We’ll be watching – on DVR. Also set the TV to record the Hall of Fame Game. If you’ve never been to Cooperstown but like baseball, mark this one down as a must in life. You’ll thank us later. 

Today’s Dump:

Kobe should quit using the kids as a prop [The Meaningful Collateral]

Blogger claims this chick reads his site – yeah right [NFL Juice]

Knowshon Moreno with some white chicks [Losers With Socks]

Blitzed Varitek takes MC Papi for a ride [Don Chavez]

A BC favorite – the Hall of Fame game – will be played today [Rumors and Rants]

The Texas Rangers might want to get some pitching help [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Why we watch Euro2008 (NSFW) [Friends of the Program]

Corn on the cob will never be the same [AfroJacks]

Sniffing armpits in Singapore will get you jail time [Uncoached]

The 5 stages of drunkeness [Coed]

50 reporters give their best ‘O’ face [BSPCN]

This is why foreign troops will never touch the US military machine [Gibbs12]

A huge selection of hot chicks to get you through Monday [Bright Black Internet]

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