Daily Dump: Mushnick Attacks, Phil Chokes, Dirk-Rick Man Love And Becky Hammon Jumps Ship


For those of us staying at home on a Saturday night it doesn’t get much better than Tiger playing the 18th at 10 p.m. EST. What we love about Tiger is that he doesn’t bullshit things.

Yeah, the knee hurts but he wants to smash the competition so badly that he’d crawl the course if that’s what it takes.

Between watching LSU-UNC at the CWS, the US Open and the NBA Finals, we are a woman’s worst nightmare today.

Today’s Dump:

Mushnick goes after, you guessed it -ESPN [NY Post]

Did you hear how Phil choked at his home course? [SbB]

Dirk and Carlisle have matching German face paint [The Merkin]

Backing Becky Hammon on jumping off USA ship [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Lion In Oil gets more mainstream Backman publicity from NY media [Newsday]

Celtics-Lakers fan fight from better angle [Bobcats Planet]

Sonics will not leave Seattle without a fight from city [Seattle PI]

Finally! A car that runs on water [Coed]

A smoking hot latina giving us dancing lessons [Tasty Booze]

Check out the headphones Fergie uses on a jog [Bright Black Internet]