Marcus Vick Keeps Up Thug Image For Family

Remember when the football world was buzzing about Marcus Vick, a Quarterback 2.0 prodigy who was going to change the face of college football.
He would dominate the Big East and help Virginia Tech walk to a national title game. The moron didn’t get the memo. And has continued to live his life like a thug.
It appears, after a DUI arrest, that Vick is on his way to starring on a prison football team.

A Norfolk Police department spokesman, Officer Chris Amos, said a bicycle officer approached a couple arguing in a car in the 200 block of Granby Street around 2 a.m. Friday. When the officer asked for the man’s identification, the car took off at high speed, Amos said. A few minutes later, another officer spotted the car and stopped it in the 300 block of Armistead Ave.

Such a sad time for a guy who once could land any sorority chick on the Tech campus.

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