Jack Cox Busts College World Series Ump Cherry

Jack Cox gets a mouthful after blowing a call in 2007

So here is the scene.

BC is sitting in a bar today, sipping on some shitty American brew, casually listening to the College World Series broadcast when something caught our attention.

Did that ESPN announcer just say “Umpire Jack Cox?”

Upon further inspection and a follow-up Google search we heard correctly. Jack Cox made his CWS debut today with the Florida State-Stanford game.

Cox calls this the pinnacle of his career and his road to making his umping debut in Omaha has been a long, strange trip.

Cox started calling junior high school games for $6.50. He quickly added recreation league, high school and college games to his resume. Cox worked his way up from the junior college ranks and smaller Division I schools all the way to the SEC and Atlantic Coast Conference.

Suckers for a good story and a classic porn name, BC plans to pour a cold one and tip a mug in honor of this man.

[Cox took his shots, reached the top]

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