Adam Scott's Caddie Ruins Father's Day Weekend

Dad! NO! Don’t go to jail without grandpa! 

We love drunks.
And we love father-son drunks at the US Open even more.
What would you say if we told you there were 3 generations out to watch the 2nd round of the Open and grandpa and dad went at it with Adam Scott’s caddie while the 37-year-old’s son, 7, watched the melee.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday at Torrey Pines. It seems that the beer was flowing pretty well and for some reason dad got a little mouthy and spent the rest of the day in the drunk tank with grandpa.

“I don’t know if the guy was high or drunk, but he kept yelling and going at Scott’s caddie,” Schuch said. “The caddie went after him at the bottom there, and then the police came in and broke it up.
Police said the 7-year-old son of the younger Campbell also was in attendance, and had been turned over to other family members after the incident.

Who knew this was even possible in California? Bethpage? Yes.
This isn’t the first time Adam Scott’s caddie has put his skills to work on stupid golf fans.

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