This Week Was Fun If You Liked Fake Boobs


Who knew a journalist could pull such action?

What a week. Like the Chinese celebrating the Year of the Tiger, we here at BC made this the Week of the Fake Boob.

Two major stories brought in thousands of readers to see what a chick named Lisa Lipps (you’ve seen her work) and the other post was about, of all things, beach volleyball.  

We’re off to a bar for cocktails and will attempt to avoid the soupy Midwestern weather. Sitting in the air conditioning and watching the US Open sounds like a plan. In more important news, a friend of BC will graduate from college after a 9.5 year battle with the university life. Stupid move. Let us tell you.

We’ll be here all weekend. Send us some links.

• Those beach volleyball

• Balding throws some bombs.

• Follow via Natalie Gulbis.

• .

• and finally…we continue to seek word on .

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