Daily Dump: Laker Fan Not Happy, Mets Fan Not Either, The Obama Throwback And Brazilian Thong Action




Please let there be more photos of Wilbon and these after last night’s game 

Have you taken a look at the projected AL All-Star team? Maybe they should just tell the other teams that Boston and NY have this one covered.  

Mike Breen continues to put us to sleep at night. Thanks, bro. Mark Jackson continues to be uninteresting and Gundy is Gundy.  Someone stick a fork in this Finals.

The only reason to watch is to see if Adande left Lipps any tickets for her and the twins. 

Today’s Dump: (Red Highlights are highly recommended)

24 things to think about while Lakers blew that lead [Rumors and Rants]

Laker fan isn’t pleased about this disaster [The Play In CA]

Mets fan knows how it feels; this team blows [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Wow! It has been 17 years since The National went belly up [The Meaningful Collateral]

All the hipsters will own the Obama throwback [Steady Burn]

Go inside the hypothetical Agent Zero contract talks [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

Monkeys vs. bears on bicycles [Holy Taco]

This is why we love The Price Is Right [Tasty Booze] 

Bizarre and funny toilet signs [Bright Black Internet]

Treadmill on 10 never a good idea [Gibbs12]

Imagine Hillary Duff getting out of her car with this horde [Banned in Hollywood]

Today’s Tail: 

It’s Friday! Time for some Brazilian thong action [MacGsWorld]

Buy thong belonging to Flex Appeal’s Kiana Tom [Don Chavez]

College Sex Diary #3 [College OTR]

Kelly Brook should keep you busy [Uncoached]

Audriana Patridge in a very well made top [on205th]

The Tatu chicks perform and look hot doing it [Drunken Stepfather]

We love Salma Hayek, her new photoshoot [CamelTap]

Midnight snack: Nicole Trunfio [CelebSlam]

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