JA Adande: Journalism's Master Of Landing Tail?


Update: It appears Adande has put a stop to the MySpace fun for unauthorized guests. Too bad. We were amazed with his prowess around chicks with inflated boobs. We continue to preach that this guy is a machine.

Is that the one where JA is writing a column with her bent over the couch?

We continue the JA Adande mack daddy coverage with this screenshot from the famous MySpace page of JA Adande who is suddenly the hottest journalist women have ever laid eyes on.

Are we to believe JA just likes to ‘hang’ with these women? We get the impression Lisa Lipps doesn’t tend to mess around with small talk.

Sara Jean Underwood, middle, some other chick and drunk dude


What exactly do you talk about in conversation with Ms. Lipps? Politics? If dude is this friendly with a chick known for blowjobs and doggie style we assume Obama’s tax plan isn’t part of the chat.

Out of 8200 MySpace friends of Lipps, Adande is on the front page with 3 porn stars. Just saying.

[Pardon The Interruption In My Pants]

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