9 Sporty Chicks Who Intimidate Pasty Bloggers


She gave up chewing on her fingernails for the toenails

Big Gay Rich sent off an urgent message last night.

“I’m glad to be flaming gay after seeing these pics,” he wrote.

The big guy is intimidated by any chick with more muscle tone than him which is quite easy since his gun boats do little lifting other than moving a mouse around a desk.

The BC editorial staff was equally intimidated by these ladies at the Pittsburgh Fitness Expo held in late May. It’s not that we are gay. Have you noticed all the boobs?

But Rich is right. That muscle tone is scary. We do 12 oz. curls and these women could crush a can on their heads. That’s intimidating, especially for bloggers who only see sunshine on Thursday’s in a golf league.

If you work out and like a woman with freakishly tight glutes, it’s your lucky day.

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