To Fill Will Leitch’s Deadspin Shoes, You Must…


…be determined enough to ride a bull in a suit jacket.

The “Fill Will Leitch’s Deadspin Post” sweepstakes is in full swing with several sites even coming up with odds (here and here) on who will get the editorship at the Gawker property.

We’ll miss Will. But this is sports blogging. Today’s story will be history in about 12 hours or as soon as a post gets bumped off the front page. Buzz is counting down the days. Die Leitch!

So…it was obvious there needed to be a guide for this hiring process: “To Fill Will Leitch’s Deadspin Shoes, You Must…”

…be comfortable with Chinese massage therapists rubbing down the gunboats.


…have good enough looks to pull in the Pittsburgh female readership.


…get bombed when your baseball team wins the World Series.


…know how to pose for Gawker “Are you taking my photo?” photos.


…enjoy holding court with a bunch of Internet dorks at Deadspin parties.


…have great hair.


…be capable of belting Nirvana karaoke tunes at your going away party.

All photos via Flickr search = Will Leitch.

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