Detroit Fans Rage In Hatred For Sports Reporter

Detroit television sports reporter Katrina Hancock said the wrong words about Hockeytown fans.
In a Pittsburgh television report during the Stanley Cup playoffs, Hancock was asked by a Steeltown station of which city had the best fans.
And she said Pittsburgh had better fans. The Detroit Free Press picked up on this story and the rest is history.

Wrong move, Katrina. The hater comments on YouTube speak for themselves.

That’s a huge [email protected]#ch!


Agreed. She has too much testosteroan. (SIC)


She is a terrible reporter from Kansas been in Detroit about a year. Very boring on Sunday Night Sports Update. I also think she should be fired for being bad at her job more then just being stupid.


I’ve met this woman, she is a pompous bitch that is so unfriendly to the people. She won’t mingle off camera and her reporting is the WORST.

There you have it. Millen escapes the wrath for a week or so.

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