The 8 Coolest Rides For LSU Fan

The coolest way to the grave for LSU fan

Our love for LSU, it’s chicks and drunks is no secret.These people rule. And for some reason they never cease to amaze us. Recently, a simple LSU search turned up a genius who took a Nissan Pathfinder and cut the roof off, gave it a paint job and suddenly the guy had a LSU convertible SUV.

But that isn’t the first time we’d seen into a school shrine. Now is the time to turn that Chrysler Sebring into a tailgating machine for the upcoming season. We’re here to present some inspirational cars, boats and buses to get in the mood for turning your ride into a tailgating head turner.

So without further debate or discussion, here are the “8 Coolest Rides For LSU Fan.” 

Daddy gives the best LSU presents a sorority chick could ever wish for


Previously mentioned sweet use of a Nissan Pathfinder 


In case you run moonshine on the side 


For the retirement center who wants to deliver elderly fans to gameday in style


A cool ride for a tailgater who doesn’t need Corian countertops in the RV


Gangsta style 


Turn your shrimper into a novel parade machine