Race Fans Fight For Rail Position At Belmont Stakes

Hang with this one through the rough opening.

Welcome to the Belmont Stakes where drunk fans are willing to fight their way to the front to catch Big Brown pull up lame in his run for the Triple Crown.

How amusing that the drunk is a balding guy wearing his Wizards’ Jordan jersey and his buddy has the Stevie Franchise Orlando jersey.

A full fight report after the jump.

The full report from the videographer:

Grant and I went to the Belmont Stakes horse race (on Long Island) this year. We watched Big Brown, the horse, try and fail at becoming the 12th Triple Crown winner.

A crowd of about 95,000 showed up to see him race and we were packed like sardines by the track and the air was so thick and muggy from the sweat that it was hard to breathe.

Five minutes before the race, this completely drunk guy shoves his way through the crowd and within a minute or two he instigates a fist fight. It happened right next to us, and the crowd was so densely packed that we couldn’t move away from it not matter how much we wanted to.

I was taking lots of pictures at the time, so I managed to get the whole thing on tape! At the end you can see me take advantage of the hole in the crowd due to the fight and get myself a better location for the horse race…
: )

At least some fans weren’t drunk – but they did make stupid bets on Big Brown.