Daily Dump: Lakers Fan Lays Beatdown On Celtics Fan, Interesting Belly Button, Songs, Cheerleaders And Ced Benson Smiling


Brody Jenner’s chick has a very interesting belly button going on

Sorry for the jumbled mess. It’s Monday. It’s hot. And some of us losers have to go back to work after staying up late to watch that stupid NBA game. At least Mike Breen easily put us to sleep. The guy is possibly the most boring announcer to ever be handed the mic for a NBA Finals.

Meanwhile, it looks like last night Laker fan put a pounding on Celtics fan at the Staples Center. See video link below.

We continue to get emails about us linking with other sites. Listen, people, we make it very clear. Send us links and it’s 98% likely that it will appear in the Daily Dump. The 2% are for the the posts that are swipes from other sites or if the post is a couple paragraphs of nothing. Be original and photos of hot chicks always work well.

Today’s Dump:

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