Daily Dump: Latarian Milton Strikes Again, Useless Sports Merchandise, Vanessa Curry Mask And Lily Allen A Mess




We’re tired of looking at implants. Reka’s boobs will do.

So we get this message from some woman about cheerleaders going to the Middle East to cheer up the troops.

These ladies did not make a dime to go over and support the troops.  Nor do they drive luxury cars.  They work incredibly hard in school, at work, or at home with children on top of their incredible schedule as a cheerleader.    These comments are disrespectful to a group of beautiful ladies who were honored to go and spend time with out troops.

Our reply: Why would you risk your life and not get paid to do it? Look, lady, we know these woman have a tough life. It’s hard being a cheerleader. That’s why at least one team turned to hiring an 18-year-old. Get them before they start going to college and popping little Kobe’s.

Conclusion: It’s not exactly smart visiting a war zone without at least getting a t-shirt that reads “I got shot at in Iraq and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

Today’s Dump:

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Today’s Tail: 

Dita Von Teese has new German Maxim photos [Camel Tap]

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72% want a horse over Sarah Jessica Parker [Holy Taco]

Lily Allen is a drunken mess [Drunken Stepfather]

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Krystal Summers is a train wreck [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Jennifer Ellison hits the London clubs [Bright Black Internet]

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