Mike Tyson (Not Drinking) In London Club (Photos)


Until we see the bottle of Cristal, BC doesn’t believe Mike Tyson would break on of the steps in Alcoholics Anonoymous class.

Last week, in a London club, these pictures were snapped of the former champ, but it seems he is just hanging out with not a drink in site. He would never break his probation by having a bottle of champagne with his new chick Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

Would he?

Nah, not Mike. He’s a model citizen who just likes to get away to the U.K. because Vegas is so boring. Remember what he told Jeremy Schaap on E60. The guy with a rape conviction said he wanted a “different life.”

Whatever. Dude is on the fast-track to getting his ass locked up again. At least he’ll have tales about the blond to tell his prison mates.