Hottest Ladies Of NCAA Rowing Championships

We didn’t know Kylie Minogue is a member of the Cal crew team

If you are a freak for hot rowing chicks, thank us via email.

Being the equal opportunity providers we are, how about some photos of the Cal rowing team at the NCAA Championships held last weekend. This site is already hated by Bears brass due to .

Maybe this post will get us back in good graces with the Berkeley elitists.

The Cal crew team finished 3rd with Brown University winning the hardware. Congrats to all, but we made this post to say hello to the “Hottest (Cal) Ladies Of The NCAA Rowing Championships.”

We love the white wife beaters. Now if only the USC Song Girls would go with that look but expose the abs.

This is such an obscure sub-category of hot chicks that the only school we could find was Cal. If you were at the championships and have photos of other teams, by all means, we’re all ears.

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