Daily Dump: Cheerleaders, Cheerleaders, Canadian Cheerleaders And Jennifer Aniston’s Temperature Gauges



Irina Sheik not related to bat shit crazy Iron Sheik 

Arizona State won the NCAA title. Another NBA coaching change makes headlines. Like it really friggin’ matters. Someone get this NBA Finals over with and it hasn’t even started. The Cubs are on fire. Like it friggin’ matters. Get those links to us. Free traffic.  It’s Hump Day. Enjoy.

Today’s Dump:

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Brazilian jails seem great if you get arrested [The Angry T]

Today’s Tail:

Same name but not the Iron Sheik’s daughter [CelebSlam]

Jennifer Aniston’s temperature gauges showing [CamelTap]

Hot name of the day: Bonita Applebum [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Bigger thighs: Lisa Fernandez or Alicia Keys [Drunken Stepfather]

Former Patriots cheerleader minus bikini top [Don Chavez]

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