Pau Gasol Finals Prepartion Includes Partying

Sure beats late spring in Memphis

Imagine being Pau Gasol for just a second. A year ago you were a member of the Memphis Grizzlies with no chance to win a championship. Chicks in Tennessee couldn’t pronounce your name. The rednecks had little style.
And drinking meant getting a case of Budweiser and a 5th of Popov.
Then it happened. You get traded to the Lakers and life is insanely great. Suddenly the foreign chicks speak your tongue, they’re taller and have massive boobs and tanned legs. Oh, and you are playing in the NBA Finals.
Being that you now live in L.A. you get to attend the coolest parties such as this Don Julio tequila bash last weekend where hot chicks with lovely Euro names such as Svetlana pressed their busts against the Ed Hardy shirt.
Life is great. And will be even better if you help Kobe hoist a banner.

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