Daily Dump: Marisa Miller Rack, Where Are The White Boys?, Barbarian And Linda Hogan Tagging Teen

Still sleeping after seeing the fine rack belonging to Marisa Miller? You must have stayed up to watch the 3-OT snoozer in Detroit. Sure, it was dramatic, but the only ones who saw it were in Alaska, Hawaii and Sweden.
Grown men are being brought to their knees as the Jay Bruce roadshow pulls into Philly. The guy goes deep again but the Reds 3-game winning streak is snapped. From the same game we noticed that Chase Utley might not want to make a habit of trying to run over catchers.
You guys are doing a great job of getting the links in early. To those still not sending links, what seems to be the issue. It’s free traffic.
Today’s Dump:
Where are the NBA Finals white boys? [Ryan Parker]
Josh Hamilton could have been special [Rumors and Rants]
These ladies off to cheer up the troops [NFL Juice]
Fans to decide the final Jets cheerleader [The Sports Point]
This barbarian beat Sharapova at French Open [Tasty Booze]
Bill Clinton bagged Gina Gershon? The guy is a mack daddy [Gibbs12]
Bob Costas gives lecture on state of sports, disgusting fans [Sports Media Journal]
Cheap drinks lead to STDs [College OTR]
Top 10 tailgating schools with pictures to prove it [Uncoached]
Can I get another beer, bitch? [Bright Black Internet]
Chubb Small plays for Marshall University [Losers With Socks]
Today’s Tail:
JoJo has her own beer bong, huge boobs [Hottest Girls of MySpace]
Linda Hogan with her 19-year-old date [CelebSlam]
One night with Marisa Miller before we die; that’s all [Holy Taco]
A French underwear model in a bikini [CamelTap]
Our favorite: The Daily Snapshot [Coed]
The pieces of ass at the MTV Movie Awards [Drunken Stepfather]
The Titans’ cheerleaders get nearly naked for calendar [on205th]
F1 drivers get this caliber of chicks [The Angry T]

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