Daily Dump: Jay Bruce Song Written, Titans' Cheerleaders In Exotic Locale And Chris Cooley Wedding Photos


Chick in blue wants to be anniversary Playmate. We’re smitten.

Break up the Mets. Break up the Reds. Break up the Rays. Break up Kenny Perry.
What a weekend. An ear bursts. John Kruk actually leaves studio. Taryne Mowatt’s career ends. And a story about a barely legal Patriots cheerleader surfaces. Stay tuned for that one. We have a post to come this morning about this chick.
Today’s Dump:
Jay Bruce is the next Babe Ruth, songs written about him [Ryan Parker]
Speaking of singing, check out this preacher’s baby voice [Holy Taco]
The Dirty asshole gets MSM press about Kobe story [Philly Daily News]
Sex and the City a Super Bowl for NYC women [Legend of Cecilio Guante]
The College World Series, like usual, will be in shitty Omaha [Play in CA]
The Titans’ cheerleaders trying to put calendar together [NFL Juice]
Jason Taylor calls press conference for this? [Rumors and Rants]
Chris Cooley wedding montage [Don Chavez]
We’re not buying Josh Hamilton Triple Crown hype [The Merkin]
Mushnick goes after Joe Buck, announcers [NY Post]
Baseball covering whitewashes history in Griffy HR chase [Comcast]
Doc Rivers doesn’t care for blogger types [The Big Lead]
This Playboy search is insane; we want all of them [Banned in Hollywood]
And…finally…a poor man’s Kim Kardashian [Hottest Girls of MySpace]
This Brazilian T&A should get you through the day [CelebSlam]
A Greek has never looked better [CamelTap]

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