Daily Dump: Student Falls 7 Stories & Lives, ASU Cheerleaders Looking Good, Fernando Tatis Is Back And Ronaldo’s Chick Naked



Finding shots of ASU cheerleaders barely dressed is becoming its own sport 

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Today’s Dump:

Ohio U. student falls 7! stories off Hilton Head balcony – and lives [UWire]

Like usual, ASU cheerleaders having fun [Don Chavez]

Gators new football facility has interesting sinks [Losers With Socks]

If only Shelley Smith had this body [The Angry T]

Fernando Tatis to the rescue for Mets [Rumors and Rants]

Josh Hamilton’s career comes full circle, makes SI cover [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Get Cowboys tattoo, make cameo on Hardknocks [The Merkin]

Blogger breaks off romance with NBA [The Play in CA]

Sports fights we’d like to see [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

Whatever happened to Danny from The Shining [Uncoached]

Sarah Larson back on the market [Holy Taco]

Two things a guy shouldn’t buy at same time [Tasty Booze]

Today’s Tail: 

The Real World chick with a Playboy rack [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Mixing races a beautiful thing [on205th]

Jessica Pears is yesterday’s Daily Snapshot [Coed]

Ronaldo’s chick minus the censors over boobs (NSFW) [Machochip]

Not quite 54Ds but Halle still supports Obama [Babble]

More Mel B bikini shots for your Spice Girl fantasies [Drunken Stepfather]

Cheryl Cole on tour and looking good [Bright Black Internet]

Women love gyrating to Wii video games [Machochip]

Is this chick hot? We think Wisconsin has better [College OTR]