Daily Dump: Jason Taylor Can't Do This, Raiderettes And Giants Girl Pose, A DUI Cooler And LL Cool J Career Ender


We’ll send this one to JaMarcus

We’re running late today. The Craziest Wives list cost us an hour of life and we want it back. But it was a good lesson in avoiding women that will slice, hit and douse you with gasoline.
Get those links in by 7 a.m. Some of you are sending them at 9 in the morning. That won’t work. We have better things to do at that hour. We want to help you but you have to help yourself sometimes. This isn’t the welfare line.

Today’s Dump:
How the Lakers escaped [The Play In CA]
35 greatest YouTube shot blocks [The Angry T]
Rollie Fingers would be impressed [The Fightins]
Let’s see Jason Taylor do this on a dance floor [Gibbs 12]
Joe Montana, Snoop chill at some event [Uncoached]
Jenna Jameson talks to actual blogger about UFC [FanHouse]
Gators appear to have some issues with police [Losers With Socks]
The cheerleader wasn’t supposed to land there [When Keg Stands Go Wrong]
For the ladies, guys fighting cancer calendar [College OTR]
LL Cool J career down the shitter, works for Sears [Holy Taco]
Ashlee and her cool husband Peter [Drunken Stepfather]
The car cooler that will get you a DUI [Tasty Booze]
We suggest not picking fight with these people [Buge Hoobs]
Today’s Tail:
The Raiderettes putting together a bikini calendar [on205th]
Brazilian soccer chicks are the greatest (NSFW) [Slanch Report]
Giants Girl in random erotic shots [Hottest Girls of MySpace]
Grace Park is a firecracker [Coed]
Adrienne an ordinary chick with nice tan [Barstool Sports]
Your Kate Hudson with blue hair fetish fulfilled [Just Jared]

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Cuff 'Em: Indy 500 Arrest Numbers Are In, A Golf Ball Rampage And Possible Duke Hazing
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