Laugher: Sgt. Slaughter Throws Indians First Pitch

Slaughter, with no ‘current’ soldier in sight, after first pitch

We rarely tackle social issues in the sports world because A.) they usually don’t involve chicks….and B.) it feels like work.

However, this one needs to be addressed.

We travel to Cleveland where the Indians had a real/fictional, WWF created, ex-drill sergeant throw out Saturday’s ceremonial first pitch. The same sergeant who, back in 1990 during the Iraq War, turned heel as an Iraqi sympathizer for television ratings and bank account dollars.

We probably wouldn’t have cared about this stupid first pitch if this hadn’t taken place on Memorial Day Weekend while soldiers are having their legs, arms, feet, hands and heads blown to pieces. Maybe a ‘real’ soldier did the honors in Cleveland over the weekend. Our lengthy search returned nothing. But we did find kids getting Slaughter’s autograph. How fun!

We’re sure the Indians do their part to honor troops, blah, blah, blah. Maybe next year team officials will dedicate the weekend to actual troops who are in war instead of some moron who plays one on TV.

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