The Craziest Drunk Videos From Indianapolis 500


What better way to celebrate Memorial Day in the United States. Drinking watered down piss beer while cheering on mostly foreign drivers with cool hair competing for one of America’s greatest sporting titles is so 2008.

Welcome to Indy 500 day (12 EST, ABC) where some short little guy (or chick) will take a milk bath in the winner’s circle. Please let it be Danica. We’re praying.

The fans profiled here will never make it to the checkered flag. They’ll either end up curled in a ball in a jail cell or having their stomachs pumped at the infield care center.

Drink a beer a salute these true American heroes.

Pete Rose thinks you timed that one a little early, darling 

He looks drunk but the YouTube poster says this guy was having in diabetic shock. Could have fooled us.

From the YouTuber:

So the story goes…..Dave Hamilton & I were walking around the infield after the race looking for mischief when we spotted an ESPN camera crew walking around. We decided that we wanted to get on TV so we came up with this ridiculous story. We watched Sportscenter, RPM2nite, and other ESPN shows for days, possibly even weeks to see our glorious race footage. Alas it was not meant to be, as they never showed us on TV. That is until 1 year later when our clip showed up on a documentary about the Indy 500 on the Learning Channel. This is that clip. My parents were so proud!

And finally…let’s hope for rain. 

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