Daily Dump: Georges Laraque A Good Guy?, Ladies Of WTA, ESPN First Take Out Of Control And Brianna Frost



This is considered hot on the Dartmouth campus

Let’s make this short and simple. 10 links, down from our usual 20. We have things to do. If you are homebound this weekend, it sucks to be you.

Unlike the other big, wealthy national sports blogging sites, we’ll actually have programming lined up for this long weekend. Stick with us.

Today’s Dump:

The reason Detroit fans throw an octopus on ice [The Merkin]

Georges Laraque a good guy off the ice [Hockey.com]

Possibly the sickest/funniest post you’ll find this weekend [Uncoached]

Take the Ladies of the WTA photo trivia challenge [Simon On Sports]

ESPN First Take tackles huge sports related issue [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

This Dartmouth prof is turning Ivy League heads [College OTR]

Lonely? Get to know Brianna Frost [Phil Knows Best]

Miss Coed: Vikki Blows [Coed]

Chick with open mouth disease [Holy Taco]

If you have one of these jobs you might get laid this weekend [BugeHoobs]

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