Obvious: Mellie Z. Hottest UMass Student – Ever!

This is what a bikini model and student from UMass looks like.

And if you are a nerdy, intelligent, pale guy who likes World of Warcraft marathons, it could be your lucky day. Mellie Z. actually likes dweebs like you. Seriously.
The Tempe12 2008-2009 cover model search is down to the Final 5 and we feel justified in rooting on Mellie because we always back the chick who doesn’t mind a geeky blogger type.

In a riveting interview recently with Pixacom.com, Mellie really opened up about her life.

Pixacom: Are you enhanced with Plastic Sugery?
Mellie Z: hmmmmnnnnnnnnn

Pixacom: What do you want to do outside of modeling?
Mellie Z: I would like to obtain my Masters in Communications.Pixacom: Five years from now, where do you see yourself?
Mellie Z: I see my self in school for my doctorate.

Listen, Ms. Z., you spent the money on the boobs. Why go back to school and waste the rest of your 20s. May we suggest Playboy, sleeping with Pauly Shore and landing an extra role on Entourage. By your 30s you’ll be washed up, but married to a rich Hollywood producer who provides you with an allowance.

You see the dilemma here, folks? If she doesn’t win this competition, Mellie might go back to school. Busted Coverage Nation cannot stand for that situation.

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