4 Famous Faces From Danica Patrick At Indy 500

The “Use Your Imagination” Face Photo Credit

Who’s ready for 11 rookies starting their first Indy 500?

Tune in for the start Sunday to see flesh and bones splatter against the concrete barriers as snot-nosed punks battle it out early to overtake 10th position in a 4-hour race.

Indy Racing isn’t exactly the hottest subject on the blogging market so we turned to blogosphere darling Danica Patrick for our continuing . Luckily for us amateur photographers covering Indy 2008 have been able to turn in these four winners.

The “Use Your Imagination Part Two” Face


The “I Can’t Believe We’re Starting On Row 2” Face


The “Would Someone Check My Tonsils?” Face

Plus, as a bonus to our readers, you get to meet two huge Danica fans who are the reason why she’s watched over by a security detail when in public.


Our extensive Indy coverage ends with this assessment from biggin’ (with flip-down shades):

Yes, this is my favorite racing weekend of the year. I’m rooting for Danica Patrick to win the Indy 500 (GO DANICA!!!)……then for Dale Earnhardt jr to take the checkered flag in the Coca Cola 600 @ Charlotte. Let’s go racing boys….and ladies!!!!