The Kyle Orton Classic Rock T-Shirt Collection

Neil Young not cool enough to be worn over Orton’s man cans

A random shot we’d never seen before of Kyle Orton at a bar sitting next to a gayish guy in Wrigleyville was sent to us and the first thing we noticed was the Crosby, Stills and Nash shirt on the hairy slob. The lack of muscle definition was also disturbing, but let’s focus on the shirt.
Our initial reaction was, “Wow, this guy really loves his classic rock.” Then, searching through several hundred photos of the Bears backup QB drinking at bars, our research assistants discovered a trend from the bearded one.

He has an entire collection of rock t-shirts just waiting for bar night. True, the above photo is 2 years old, but you just know the shirts are still in his wardrobe collection:



We’re stumped on this one, but it appears to be 70s rock related


A sneak peak at the Janis shirt


The collection would be incomplete without a Beatles hippie era XL shirt


The butterfaces can’t resist Orton & Janis


That’s right darling, you’ll never forget this moment the rest of your life

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