Cuff ‘Em: Chelsea Fans In Rioting Mood, Rival Roofing Companies Brawl And Coach Wants Team Hug




“Get up, punk, so I can smack you in the face” 

“Cuff ‘Em” is a daily look at who’s in trouble with the law. It’s our hope to limit this to 5 sports-related morons, but it can be modified at our discretion or if there is a sudden outbreak of superior stupidity.

  • What comes after a shoot-out loss in the UEFA championship? A riot, of course. Chelsea fans decided to face off with club wielding police who didn’t hesitate to bash some bones. Nearly 200 hooligans were involved in the fracas. No word on how alcohol factored into the riot.
  • This isn’t quite sports related but is one of the funniest cuff ’ems we’ve seen lately. Rival roofing companies were caught this week fighting each other with “baseball bats, boards and other weapons.” Lou Dobbs wants to see some work visas.

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