A Special Request For Jessica Burciaga Fulfilled


That’s a nice seat

An email yesterday from some random fan dropped into the inbox and it was the normal spiel. Big fan of the site, male, former athlete, likes chicks, etc. He wanted us to know about his love for Jessica Burciaga, a bikini model who makes a living on the car modeling circuit.

The email was an innocent attempt to turn us onto a hot chick.But one important line from the message caught our attention.

“Anyways i work in Washington DC for the federal Gov…back to work.”

Oh, shit. We have a guy on government computers looking at Cuervo Girls, Implant Madness! and thongs.

This is funny. A guy working directly with your federal tax dollars can access this site but a certain upscale hotel chain with offices in Cleveland has banned us. The same goes for the Houston school district. Can’t catch us there, either.

So in honor of our Fed friends, here is a Jessica Burciaga photo dump. Enjoy while sitting on your asses spending our money.


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